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Founded in 1980, the Canadian Ethnocultural Council (CEC) is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of national ethnocultural umbrella organizations which, in turn, represent a cross-section of ethnocultural groups across Canada.The CEC's objectives are to ensure the preservation, enhancement and sharing of the cultural heritage of Canadians, the removal of barriers that prevent some Canadians from participating fully and equally in society, the elimination of racism and the preservation of a united Canada. Since its inception, the CEC has advocated for the adoption by the Government of Canada of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, the Employment Equity Act and for the inclusion of Section 27 (Multiculturalism) in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Membership in the CEC is open to all democratically constituted national ethnocultural organizations that meet the admission criteria. Eligible members must represent a distinct ethnocultural community and support the aims and objectives of the CEC. The CEC conducts programs and activities to support the vision of an inclusive and multicultural Canada. These include organizing events, conducting community-based research or developing resource material. It also advocates for ethnocultural communities on common issues and concerns to affect change and policy.