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Biennial General Meeting

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Canadian Ethnocultural Council held its Biennial General Meeting of members in Toronto on December 14, 2014. Newly elected President, Dominic Campione, a national past president of the National Congress of Italian Canadians, stressed his passionate conviction that multiculturalism is a very fundamental part of the Canadian identity and serves to create a country that welcomes and builds communities through mutual respect. Mr. Campione vowed "to continue to work with and engage ethnocultural communities to foster harmony and acceptance of our diversity which is the basis of our great country". Guest speaker, the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism, addressed the membership and encouraged cultural communities to continue to dialogue and work together.

 The CEC is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of national ethnocultural organizations dedicated to working together for the purpose of promoting intercultural dialogue and furthering the understanding of multicultural reality of Canada, thus ensuring equality of opportunity, rights and dignity for all Canadians. The newly elected members of Executive Committee include:

President, Mr. Dominic Campione (National Congress of Italian Canadians)
Vice-President, Ms. Diane Dragasevich, (Serbian National Shield of Canada)
Treasurer, Ms. Athina Charalambides, (Cypriot Federation of Canada)
Secretary, Mr. Hratch Aynedjian, (Armenian National Federation of Canada)
Youth Chairperson, Mr. Wasyl Luczkiw, (Ukrainian Canadian Congress)
Mr. Len Rudner, (Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs)
Dr. Yvonne Bogorya-Buczkowska, (Canadian Polish Congress)
Mr. Emmanuel J. Dick, (National Council of Trinidad and Tobago)
Mr. Paul Grod, (Ukrainian Canadian Congress)
Mr. George Manios, (Canadian Hellenic Congress)
Immediate Past President, Mr. Lou Sekulovski, (United Macedonians Organization of Canada)